Important Things You Should Know about Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells are known for treating a range of diseases, injuries and other conditions related to health. Blood stem cells have been used to treat blood diseases and have thus saved the lives of many children who were suffering from leukemia. Today, several ongoing trials explore new avenues of using stem cells in therapies and treatments. Meanwhile, you should not ignore other aspects that make up the stem cell treatment; especially with the various exaggerations made by the media. Here are some of the important things you need to know about stem cell therapy.

You need to know that only a few stem cell treatments have been considered safe and effective. The most extensive and considered safe stem cell treatment is the blood stem cell transplantation. Also, some bone, skin and eye injuries can be treated by implanting tissues and their healing process depends on stem cells with the implanted tissues. These procedures are accepted and considered safe by the medical community.

If you go for a therapy that has not been approved for your condition, there are high chances of receiving fewer promises from the specialists and you get prone to higher risks. These complications may result in either long-term or short term health problems. With this, it is wise to carefully access the treatment you are planning to acquire, especially if it is unproven. Find the best IV therapy treatments or view here for more details.

You should also know that different types of stem cells serve different purposes in the body. Stem cells have particular and limited capabilities. If a specific stem cell is not manipulated in the lab, it will only generate other cell types found in the tissues they are from. For example, neural stem cells found in the brain are prone to regenerate brain cells.

The fact that stem cells are specific to certain tissues means that after manipulation, the same cell treatment might not work for different health conditions. It is hence preferable to go for a clinic that does not offer the same treatment for a wide variety of diseases.

Surprisingly, cells from your own body might not be automatically safe for your treatment. Theoretically, you would expect that your immune system to never attack your cells if used in a transplant. However, you need to understand that if cells are removed from your body, they are prone to contain the viruses and pathogens that could cause disease when introduced. It is a red flag if the clinic does not inform you of the risks that come with their treatments. You can read more on this here:

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